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Analytic Package Straddle

A set of Hand2Note stats and pop-ups for analyzing player databases of players in apps


Analytic Package Straddle is a unique set for in-depth analysis of player databases and aliases of players in Asian apps. The pack is primarily designed for analysis in games with straddles, but it is also suitable for analyzing regular games.

Analytic Package Straddle includes:

  • 20,000 statistical indicators, including 6,000 advanced stats for various board textures;
  • 105 pop-ups for all possible situations and lines of play.

This package has a relatively high price, but the actual cost of one stat is $0,02. Moreover, the 20,000 stats in the Analytic Package can be used not only in your HUDs and pop-ups but also for analyzing databases of both your own and other players, which will be especially useful for poker coaches and schools. The package allows you to easily and quickly analyze player databases down to the smallest details and find leaks in your own game, your opponents', or students' game.

The Analytic Package will help you reach a new level of game analysis and understanding of overall field tendencies.

Promo code FIRSTBUY10GT gives a 10% discount on your first subscription purchase on the Hand2Note website.


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