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Professional MTT HUD from TylerRM

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AtataPUPU HUD – Andrey "TylerRM" Streltsov developed this MTT HUD for Hand2Note.

The basis of the HUD is made up of indexes:

Attack Pre-flop is an indicator of how often a player performs attacking actions pre-flop, relative to the solver model. The frequencies of open raises, limps, 3-bets, and isolation bets are compared to GTO standards. The solver frequency baseline is 50, so if the pre-flop action is higher than 50, it means that the player likes to attack pre-flop more often than the solver. If this value is below 50, then the player attacks pre-flop tighter than the solver.

Attack Post-flop measures the level of aggression post-flop. Compares continuation bets, deferred continuation bets, bets in checked pots, probe bets, raises, check-raises, etc., with solver indicators. The solver values are set at 50. If the Attack Postflop is greater than 50, it means that the opponent attacks post-flop more often than the solver. A value below 50 means the frequency of post-flop bets is less than that of the solver.

Defense Pre-flop is an indicator of how often a player folds pre-flop. Solver folds (on steal, 3-bet, or isolate bets) are scored at 50. A score above 50 means that the player folds more often than the solver, and it makes sense to attack that player more often. A score below 50 means that a player will play against aggression more often than a solver, so it makes no sense to often bluff against them pre-flop.

Defense Post-flop measures the folding rate post-flop, comparing it with the solver frequencies. The higher the score, the more often the player folds. Like the other indexes, the solver’s baseline is 50.

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