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When you purchase any product in the store, you receive cashback to your GTP account. This is the internal currency of the site, which can be used for future purchases.
The level of cashback depends on the amount of purchases:
  • 3% — Initial. Available to all registered GT users
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Cheat HUD

A set of Hand2Note stats and pop-ups for tournament players

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Cheat HUD is a positional Hand2Note HUD created by SpinCoin developers for multi-table tournaments (MTTs).

Main Features and Advantages of Cheat HUD:

  • The background of the HUD tables depends on the opponent's position at the table and corresponds to the color scheme of position marking adopted in Hand2Note. This is convenient when playing at a large number of tables – after some time using the HUD, you will be able to instantly navigate the positions from which the action takes place.
  • A unified color positional scheme is used in all pop-ups and HUD, which greatly enhances the perception of statistical tables and allows you to find the necessary data faster.
  • Post-flop is presented in the form of algorithms rather than traditional tables, which leads to a faster perception of opponents' play lines. A beginner player won't have to memorize poker terminology.
  • The main statistics are grouped not only by positions but also by the sizes of effective stacks. For important statistical parameters, layouts are made according to action sizing.
  • The HUD allows displaying diagrams (heatmaps) for all statistics. On PokerStars, this feature is implemented in text form, in accordance with the room's rules.
  • Additional post-flop game statistics have been added to the pop-ups for the main pre-flop statistics.

SpinCoin owners get a discount. You can also try Cheat HUD for free in action for one week; to do this, contact us via Skype or Telegram: gt_shop or E-mail:, or our support service.

Promo code FIRSTBUY10GT gives a 10% discount on your first subscription purchase on the Hand2Note website.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department