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Probability calculation for short deck Holdem, annual license


Short Deck Texas Holdem is a variation of Texas Holdem with a 36-card deck, in which cards from 2 to 5 are removed from the standard 52-card deck. This game is similar to classic Texas Holdem but has a different ranking of hands.

In February 2016, the game appeared on the iPoker network and became quite popular. There were two differences from traditional Holdem in hand strength: 1) Flush ranks higher than Full House; 2) Three of a Kind ranks higher than Straight.

In Asian poker applications, Straight ranked higher than Three of a Kind. This version was also adopted by PokerStars: 1) Flush ranks higher than Full House; 2) Straight ranks higher than Three of a Kind.

CombCalc6Plus calculator includes both versions.

Regular equity calculators are not suitable for short deck holdem (6+). CombCalc6Plus is an equity calculator created specifically for short deck holdem.

GipsyTeam users get a 30-day free trial period without limits on stakes and functionality. To obtain an extended trial period (the standard trial lasts 14 days), download and install CombCalc6Plus, open the "Registration" menu in the software, fill in all the fields, and enter the Affiliate code: GIPSY. Send the resulting file to our email shop@gipsyteam.com with the subject "Trial CombCalc6Plus".

Download CombCalc6Plus

Note: After paying for CombCalc6Plus, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the purchase of the program. Please carefully read and strictly follow the instructions. If you didn't receive the email, check your spam folder. If you still can't find the email, contact us via Skype or Telegram: gt_shop, or email: shop@gipsyteam.com.


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