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A set of Hand2Note stats and pop-ups for tournament players


CosmosMTT HUD is a set of statistics and pop-ups for Hand2Note specifically designed for MTT players. Due to HUD profiles and pop-ups of varying complexity – BEGIN and EXPERT – it is suitable for both beginners and experienced players.

For beginners, the different levels of HUD and pop-ups will help them quickly become familiar with and learn how to use the stats effectively. They will then gradually move to work with more advanced statistics included in the CosmosMTT HUD package. Experienced players will appreciate the depth and detail of the statistics.

The convenient structure of the HUDs and pop-ups provides quick access to the necessary statistics, which is invaluable during short time banks.

Features of the CosmosMTT HUD package:

  • 3 pop-ups EXPERT, STANDARD, and BEGIN, as well as 2 additional pop-ups for PokerStars and iPoker without ranges.
  • The "EXPERT" pop-up includes over 7,000 stats and can be used for Range Research.
  • 6 HUDs: 3 simple and 3 PRO with buttons. You can change the HUD at any time during the game – no need to rebuild the statistics.
  • Up to 5 stack sizes on pre-flop.
  • Up to 5 open-raise sizes.
  • Various tendencies for bets and raises: Total, SRP, 3BP, SB, and BB spots.
  • 78 tabs with 5 different bet sizes for CBet, Delay, Probe, Bet vs Skip CBet.
  • Post-flop SRP spots have "Position vs Position" division (BB vs BTN, SB vs CO-BTN, etc.).
  • Stats Won [SD] / Won [noSD] / Lose [SD] / Lose [noSD] for different SRP spots.
  • 11 flop textures.
  • Over 20 tabs in the main pop-up and about 100 additional ones with sizings and positions.
  • About 200 stats in the "EXPERT" HUD.

Download the CosmosMTT HUD archive and instructions.

You can try CosmosMTT HUD for free for 10 days by contacting us via Telegram or email at shop@gipsyteam.com.

Promo code FIRSTBUY10GT gives a 10% discount on your first subscription purchase on the Hand2Note website.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department