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Advanced equity calculator

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Power-Equilab is an advanced equity calculator from the author of the popular Equilab application. This program combines the best features of equity analysis and calculation tools in one application.

Key features of Power-Equilab include:

  • Equity calculations across ranges and sub-ranges.
  • Support for selecting hand ranges, hand weights, and grouped ranges.
  • Built-in hand range calculator and heat maps.
  • Equity graphs for the current and next streets.
  • Imports ranges from other applications.
  • Imports hand histories.
  • 29 pre-set hand rankings and an editor for creating your own rankings.
  • Playability profiles and the playability editor to create your own.
  • Hand strength distribution on unknown flops and on specific boards.
  • Built-in Equity Trainer for all streets.
  • Scenario Analyzer: Equity calculation will depend on the card outcomes on the next streets.
  • Export results and automatically upload graphs to post in forums.
  • Flop filter for a quick and efficient overview of possible flop constellations.
  • Multiple flop equities with which you can automatically calculate the equities for a given scenario (a set of ranges in the main window) on a subset of different flops.
  • Multiple flop range reduction with which you can automatically reduce a set of ranges on a subset of different flops by given hand strengthes.
  • EV calculation with decision trees.
  • License for 2 PCs.
  • Free usage period – 14 days.

With Power-Equilab you can:

  • Perform basic equity calculations with multiple hands/ranges on each street.
  • Discount "dead" cards.
  • Check how often you are ahead on the flop, turn, and river, or how often your hand hits the flop.
  • Select pre-defined hand ranges or create your own.
  • Create sub-ranges by assigning colors, labels, and combos.

Power-Equilab will help you to accurately and correctly calculate equity – a fundamental skill in poker. The program will be useful for both beginners and advanced players.

Power-Equilab User Manual

Download Power-Equilab

Note: To purchase Power-Equilab, a unique Machine code is required. To obtain it, download the Power-Equilab application, launch it, and open the "Help/About" menu.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department