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PreflopHero MTT

Pre-flop simulator in multi-table tournaments for amateurs and professionals

Out of stock

PreflopHero MTT is a pre-flop simulator for multi-table tournaments, offering an experience close to real gameplay. You select sizings and perform actions while the system compares your answers with the given charts and identifies suboptimal play. The main difference and advantage is that you don't have to pay for mistakes!

PreflopHero MTT retains all the features of the Spin&Go and Cash 6-max while introducing significant improvements.

PreflopHero MTT lets you:

  • Train in a realistic gameplay simulator.
  • Create your charts and train with them.
  • Analyze mistakes.
  • Use any device.

Additionally, the following features have been added:

  • Ability to create custom game situations for the trainer. This allows you to practice non-standard situations.
  • Changed chart structure. Now sizings are indicated in BB.

Subscription plans available:

Trial (free):

  • Training EP for available chart packs (OR, vs 3bet).
  • View available charts.
  • View statistics for played situations.
  • View error history.


  • Training for all pre-flop situations.
  • View available charts.
  • Create your charts.
  • View statistics for played situations.
  • View error history.

The premium subscription includes a GTO pack with charts for 12, 15, 21, and 25 BB:

  • EP (or, vs 3bet)
  • MP1 (or, vs or, vs 3bet)
  • MP2 (or, vs or, vs 3bet)
  • HJ (or, vs or, vs 3bet)
  • CO (or, vs or, vs 3bet)
  • BTN (or, vs or, vs 3bet)
  • SB (or, vs or, vs 3bet)
  • BB (vs or)

Note: To purchase PreflopHero MTT, you need to register at mtt.preflophero.com. Registration is only possible with a Gmail email service (@gmail.com).

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department