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Innovative poker HUD software for professional players


Hand2Note is an innovative software developed by professional poker players. It combines power and ease of use with a well-designed interface, design, and a team of experienced program developers.

Dynamic HUD is one of the most important features of Hand2Note. It allows you to display up-to-date statistics for each player at the table, depending on pre-set conditions and the situation in the current hand. The conditions are divided into two types:

  • Known before the start of the hand – the positions and number of players, the size of the stacks and blinds, effective stack sizes, hands played per player, color labels attached to players (reg or fish) and more.
  • Based on the information received during the hand – the street, the board, the actions of the players, and more.

GT+ players can get a free Hand2Note Asia converter in our store when making $1,500 rake per month in apps, as well as Hand2Note PRO when making $2,000 rake per month in apps. To find out more, write the word "soft" in Telegram, Skype: live:.cid.ad60653f6e322f63, Whatsapp, or GT+ support service in Discord.

Available Subscription Plans:

Hand2Note BASE (Free of Charge)


  • Static HUD.
  • Reports.
  • Sessions.
  • Custom stats.
  • Unlimited stakes.
  • Regular updates
  • 24/7 chat support.

Not Included:

  • Positional and Dynamic HUDs (available with EDGE and PRO plans).
  • Advanced Stat Pop-up (EDGE, PRO).
  • Range Research (EDGE, PRO).
  • Decision Analysis (EDGE, PRO).
  • Asian Apps (ASIA, PRO).

Hand2Note EDGE

Includes all the features of BASE, as well as:

  • Positional and Dynamic HUDs.
  • Decision EV Analysis.
  • Advanced Stats.
  • Range Research.

The EDGE plan does not include support for Asian apps. In order to use Hand2Note with Asian poker applications, purchase an ASIA or PRO subscription.

Hand2Note ASIA

Asian Application Support:

Does not include positional and dynamic HUDs.

Hand2Note PRO

Includes all the features of ASIA and EDGE subscriptions and Auto HUD (an experimental feature), which automatically shows the statistics you need during hands.


Main Features and Benefits:

Range charts and session reports for cash games and tournaments are standard tools for analyzing results. Filters in Hand2Note reports allow you to create unique statistics that are highly relevant for professional players, such as, “Win rate on tables without fish” (recreational players), “Win rate on tables where hero has position on a fish” and others.

Convenient tools for analyzing opponents, with detailed pop-ups for each stat. A pop-up window with extended statistics is linked to each stat. You’ll see a description of the stat, the following actions of the player and opponents, bet sizes, boards, vsHero stats, a post-flop chart, and a list of hands.

Pre-flop charts display call and raise ranges at the same time. This allows you to get a more accurate idea of how players mix their pre-flop ranges. All this, coupled with a fast computing speed,  makes Hand2Note a convenient tool for analyzing ‌your opponents' game.

High-performance. The rate of importing hands from the database is 1,500-3,000 hands per second. The app is highly responsive, instantly opening pop-ups, charts, and notes. The database size remains small and compressed, even with a large number of hand histories. Statistics based on 1 million hands take up only 200-300 MB of space.

Powerful editor of HUDs, pop-ups, and filters to easily create the necessary stats and complex pop-ups. Configure statistics filters depending on the actions of players, positions, board texture, bet sizes, hole cards, and hundreds of other parameters.

The professional note recording system. The ability to attach hands to player notes in a couple of clicks is great for self-studying later. You can also create templates and attach notes to individual stats.

Range Research (available only with EDGE and PRO subscriptions) is a tool for player pool research. It is designed to study the ranges of different types of players in those situations where you don’t have enough information on opponents. Range Research is one of the most valuable Hand2Note tools that can significantly improve your game.

Other Useful Features:

  • Action Profit (available only with EDGE and PRO subscriptions) is an indicator for each stat that displays the expected value (EV) of the corresponding action and variance.
  • Short visual representation of a hand. A compact display is used when replaying the latest showdown hands, recording a player note, and when viewing hands for a certain stat and other situations.
  • Hand replayer. It opens almost instantly and automatically plays the hand when you hover the cursor over the replay button.
  • Automatic vsHero stats. Hand2Note automatically calculates the value of "vsHero" for each stat, so players don’t need to create them separately.
  • Advanced elements in pop-ups. Pop-ups are not just for stats; you’ll see pre-flop charts, notes, hands, and even nested tabs inside pop-ups.
  • Indicator of showdown hands you missed. Allows you to keep track of all the important hands on the player and not miss a single relevant hand.
  • Excluding reg vs fish spots. All Hand2Note players are divided into Reg and Fish. The program excludes ‌hands where Reg played against Fish from the total sample. This division is due to the fact that regs often play against other regs differently than against fish, so some hands  can distort the real values of stats. On the other hand, fish play against everyone the same way.
  • Showdowns list when hovering over a stat. A post-flop or pre-flop chart and the corresponding hands are displayed.

The 30-day free trial period is activated automatically after the Hand2Note software is first launched. A separate 14-day trial for Asian apps is also activated automatically after launching any of the supported applications. The trial period provides full functionality with the exception of Range Research.

Promo code FIRSTBUY10GT gives a 10% discount on your first subscription purchase on the Hand2Note website.

Hand2Note comparison table with other trackers

Supported Asian apps

Supported Classic rooms 

Detailed guide in English

Download Hand2Note

Note: For the software to work, it is required to install Net Framework 4.6 or higher.

Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7 and higher.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department