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HoldemResources Calculator

Professional analysis of tournament hands and study of tournament strategies

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Hold'em Resources Calculator is a popular ICM analysis tool widely used by professional poker players to study pre-flop strategy in the late stages of NL Holdem tournaments.

Main features and capabilities of the program:

  • Quick analysis: automatically analyze entire gaming sessions for potential mistakes.
  • In-depth hand analysis: calculate Nash ranges not only for push-fold situations but also for 3-bet and 4-bet situations.
  • Multi-table ICM: calculate tournament ICM effects up to the final table.
  • FGS (Future Game Simulation): get improved equity estimates with the most advanced FGS implementation.
  • Next-generation MTT ICM mode: HRC's multi-table mode has been rewritten from scratch and includes a new high-precision MTT ICM model. The new MTT model allows ICM to be approximated with remarkable accuracy, typically within +/- 0.01% for most situations, and fast enough to handle hand calculations from tournaments with thousands of players.
  • Range editor: quick and intuitive.
  • Monte Carlo mode: HRC has a second calculation engine that allows you to calculate situations with more than 3 active players. It fully takes into account all card-blocking effects, including fold ranges.
  • Easy import: import tournament histories from files or directly from PT4 and HM2 databases.
  • Regular updates: new features and site formats are constantly being added.
  • Support for various operating systems: works on 64-bit versions of Windows, OSX, and Linux. A minimum of 2 GB of available RAM is recommended.
  • Supports hand histories from PokerStars, PartyPoker, PKR, iPoker, Ongame, Cake, Merge, 888, Winamax, Bovada, Winning Network, GG Network.
  • A 14-day free trial period provides the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the features of the program and determine whether it meets your needs and expectations.

Hold'em Resources Calculator is presented in two versions: HRC Classic and Pro.

HRC Classic is suitable for players who want to thoroughly study and improve their game, offering them a comprehensive set of features and capabilities.

HRC Pro, on the other hand, is an advanced version intended for serious poker players who aim to maximize all analysis capabilities.

At the moment, HRC Classic and Pro differ in the following characteristics:

  • Tree size is capped at a maximum of 25,000 nodes in the Classic version. This limitation does not practically affect calculations that do not utilize the new post-flop betting feature. The limit is designed so HRC Classic users can effectively use the new post-flop feature for short to medium stacks of up to 25 – 30bb.
  • The Classic tier offers the new post-flop abstractions, but only with accuracy settings up to 256 buckets. The Pro version allows full access to all abstractions, currently ranging from 64 to 16k buckets.
  • Scripted tree building is exclusive to the Pro tier.

HRC developers continue to work on new features for post-flop, and the planned post-flop solver capabilities will only be available in the Pro version.

Hold'em Resources Calculator is a powerful and indispensable tool for tournament poker players who want to improve their skills and strategies in No-Limit Hold'em, relying on scientifically grounded analysis methods. It allows players to calculate optimal strategies based on game theory and Nash equilibrium, analyze hands and ranges, model hands, and analyze tournaments, becoming an integral assistant for game development.

Download HRC for Windows, for Mac OS, for Linux.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department