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Preflop GTO trainer for PLO catering to players of all skill levels

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OmahaPro is a GTO simulator of pre-flop action in four and five-card pot-limit Omaha, which allows you to significantly increase the level of your game and improve your understanding of pre-flop ranges. The convenient and intuitive display of pre-flop ranges is easy to understand for both Texas Holdem and Omaha players.

The OmahaPro web application includes three tools: Preflop, Training, and Results.

OmahaPro Preflop helps to improve the understanding of ranges in PLO. The available tools and features are:

  • Selection of different limits and stack sizes for cash games and tournaments.
  • Displaying the percentage of actions from each position.
  • Both heads-up and multi-way situations are available.
  • Convenient comparison of two different pre-flop situations on the same screen.
  • Display all types of pre-flop hands, including mono-hands.
  • Visualization of hands, which are always considered a fold, for faster work and understanding of the bottom of the range.
  • High-speed software.
  • Adapted for mobile devices.

OmahaPro Training allows you to consolidate the knowledge gained in OmahaPro Preflop with the help of a pre-flop simulator. The available tools and features are:

  • Selection of stack sizes, limits, positions, and types of starting hands.
  • Stacks in big blinds.
  • The location of the Hero position is always from the bottom to the middle, as in a poker room.
  • EV and hand opening weight display.
  • Training history and percentage of correct decisions.
  • Viewing the entire range does not require exiting the training mode.
  • The "Smart Mode" mode removes obvious hands that are never played. Also, if you make a mistake in solving a situation, the simulator will randomly repeat this hand until it is corrected.
  • Viewing all variations of the played hand with all possible suit combinations.
  • High-speed software.
  • Adapted for mobile devices.

OmahaPro Results gives you the opportunity to monitor your results and the progress of your growth in pre-flop poker. The available tools and features are:

  • Display your best results of all time.
  • Output average results for the last 30 days.
  • Adapted to mobile devices.

Note: To purchase Omaha Pro, registration on the website is required.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department