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PLO Genius

A modern Pot Limit Omaha solver

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PLO Genius is an advanced training tool for Pot Limit Omaha, designed to enhance your skills efficiently. It aims to make your journey to mastery in PLO more effective and engaging.

Key benefits and features of PLO Genius:

PLO and 5 Card PLO simulations: A wide range of the most accurate GTO pre-flop sims for various stack sizes and rake structures, coupled with in-depth post-flop sims for PLO and 5 Card PLO.

PLO reimagined: Redesigned and rethought views to highlight the key concepts of modern poker strategy.

Challenge yourself: Identify your most critical flaws. Track your progress in detail and see how you improve week by week.

Fully customizable GTO Trainer: Allows choosing between quick pre-game warm-ups or very specific spot analysis.

Intuitive poker study: A brand new, more natural approach to presenting poker hand categories.

ICM MTT pre-flop simulations.

100% cloud-based: All calculations are performed on a cloud server, freeing up your computer.

Mid-stakes 100bb stack simulations with a 100% open-raise in PLO Genius are available for free.

Developers plan to introduce a high-speed post-flop PLO solver soon.

Subscription Plans:

Starter (Free):

  • Free access;
  • unlimited usage;
  • 1 stack size (100bb deep);
  • opens from all positions.

Preflop Genius:

  • Unlimited usage;
  • multiple stack sizes & stakes (10-150bb);
  • all positions;
  • priority access to new features.

PLO Genius is created to make the most efficient use of your time and resources at every stage of your poker career!

Note: To purchase PLO Genius, registration at is required.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department