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Everything you need for comfortable play on PokerStars, annual license


StarsCaption is an auxiliary program for playing on PokerStars, which supports EU and most national versions of poker clients.

GT+ players can use the software from our store for free. Write "Soft" to the GT+ support Telegram chat to get this program.

Main Features of StarsCaption:

  • Betscript with a variety of settings: predefined bet/raise size values for many game situations (the value automatically entered to the bet box at hero action), betting hotkeys with formulas support, on-screen buttons with formulas support.
  • Hotkeys: bet/raise, Sit out next bb, Sit out next bb at all tables, I am back, Fold to any bet, table closing, etc.
  • The mouse wheel can be set to change a bet at any value (in bb or $), wheel direction can be changed, and bet size on post-flop can be changed as % of the pot.
  • Customizable HUD with the ability to display a wide variety of information – stake, blinds level, call odds, push odds, number of tables with hero action, the total number of tables, SPR, bluffEquity, size of the pot, and stack on the next street (depends on the current value in bet box and size of the pot), bet box value as % of the pot, etc.
  • Color ranking of numeric values in HUD, depending on the value, the coloring of the positions is also adjusted.
  • Never sit out (separately for cash and tournaments), a table under mouse brings to the foreground, auto time bank, stacks/bets/buttons in big blinds (separately for cash and tournaments), bb bet box, table cropping – removing table title bar/table frame.
  • Auto processing of various message boxes: "Seat Available" dialog, tournament buy-in dialogs, one-button dialogs.
  • The frame around of table under the mouse for tables with hero action, blinds level, stack and pot size, etc.
  • Table manager with slots and customizable configurations.
  • Approved by PokerStars.
  • Integrated with Hand2Note.
  • And much more!

Detailed Guide

StarsCaption works without any restrictions on NL10 and lower stakes, as well as in tournaments with a buy-in of $3 or less. The free period of use (without restrictions on limits) is 30 days.

Download StarsCaption

Note: To purchase StarsCaption, you need to get a License ID (this can be done by clicking the Copy to clipboard button on the License tab). To see a License ID in the StarsCaption's License tab, you need to log in to the poker client (also StarsCaption must be run as admin, and the poker client must be English). The computer clock must be synchronized with the Internet, taking into account the selected time zone.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department