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An essential tool for pre-flop training and tournament hand analysis

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ICMIZER 3 will highlight the most profitable push-fold solutions in seconds, taking into account your current situation at the poker table. Increase your level of play and profit in MTT and SNG poker tournaments!

ICMIZER 3 is a poker calculator that helps you make the right pre-flop decisions in late stages of tournaments when all actions are reduced to two possibilities; either bet the entire stack (all–in) or muck the cards (fold). The ICMIZER development team has created a personal push-fold trainer and simulator called MTT Coach (with a limit of 120 questions per day), as well as a virtual hand Replayer included in the ICMIZER PRO subscription.

How ICMIZER 3 benefits tournament players:

  • Increases profits and ROI from poker tournaments played.
  • Reduces errors at the late stage of the tournament to a minimum.
  • Saves them time by automatically analyzing the hands played.
  • Offers advantages over opponents using Nash equilibrium or not using any strategies at all.

ICMIZER will help you find the most profitable solutions (push or fold) depending on the specific situation at the table and considering the stage of the tournament. The software will conduct an automatic analysis of the hands, help identify interesting mistakes,  as well as boost your profit and tournament poker competence.  

MTT Coach (available with an ICMIZER 3 PRO subscription) simulates certain situations at the poker table depending on your level of knowledge. It allows you to train effectively, showing what you should work on and how to approach it.

Replayer (available with an ICMIZER 3 PRO subscription) will help you analyze in detail previously played hands and quickly analyze disputable situations in ICMIZER.

The 4 Main Features of ICMIZER 3:

Getting push-fold tables from 169 starting hands. Popular poker rooms allow you to save tournament hands in a separate file. By uploading such a file to ICMIZER, you will find out which hands need to be pushed and which ones need to be folded, taking into account your situation at the tournament table (the parameters of the current situation are entered before calculation).

Why buy a subscription to ICMIZER if ready-made push-fold tables can be found on the Internet for free? Push-fold tables in ICMIZER take into account your position at the tournament table, stacks and actions of other players, the level of blinds, the type of tournament, and the ranges that your opponents use. At the same time, static and free push-fold tables do not take into account all these factors, so they are absolutely useless and sometimes even harm the player.

Swift calculation of the Nash equilibrium. With ICMIZER 3, you will find the Nash equilibrium in just a few seconds and know the optimal actions for you or your opponents in each specific tournament situation. Moreover, ICMIZER 3 has a new opportunity to set individual hand weights in the selected range. Due to this, the calculation of the Nash equilibrium occurs in mixed strategies rather than pure ones, which allows you to get a more accurate result.

Auto-analysis of poker hands. ICMIZER will analyze your hands in a few seconds and point out the most expensive mistakes, sorting them by cost. You can flexibly adjust the calculation parameters as you see fit. For example, choose an ICM model (an independent distribution that allows you to find out the potential winnings of all the remaining players in the tournament) and quickly get results. Or, choose a more powerful and accurate FGS (future game simulation) and get a deeper analysis. You’ll also be able to analyze ‌hands in MTT tournaments right up to the final table.

Simulation of game situations at the tournament table. Your personal MTT Coach and push-fold trainer (available with an ICMIZER 3 PRO subscription) will allow you to practice late stage tournament situations without financial risk. The software will clearly highlight your weak points and hone the necessary skills by controlling the range of simulations.

Advantages of ICMIZER 3:

  • Calculations in the most difficult situations after just a few seconds.
  • A wide range of possibilities. A PRO subscription gives you access to all the features of ICMIZER 3: a convenient software for training push-fold strategies to improve late stage tournament outcomes.
  • Visualize everything. Using the software, you will be able to analyze each game situation and display it on a virtual poker table.
  • Accuracy of the results. The new CFR+ calculation engine is an advanced FGS model that accounts for blind dynamics, the ICM model in MTT tournaments, and chip calculations in Chip EV mode.
  • Make adjustments depending on tournament details. ICMIZER takes into account your position at the table, the actions of your opponents, the size of stacks, individually set hand weights, the type of tournament, and so on.
  • For players of any level. ICMIZER is necessary for anyone who wants to earn more in tournament poker. The lower your current level, the more benefit you’ll get from this software, and the faster you’ll be able to reach new limits.

ICMIZER 3 is available in your browser and as standalone software.

Download ICMIZER 3

ICMIZER 3 is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. If you feel that the program doesn’t suit you, contact us within the first month to get a full refund. The guarantee applies to all subscriptions of more than one month (3 and 12 months).

Note: recently, the use of ICMIZER during MTT and SNG tournaments has become more frequent. This is prohibited by the rules of poker rooms, as it gives the user an unfair advantage over opponents. ICMIZER is designed for training and analyzing the hands played after the game. During tournaments, log out of ICMIZER on the device you are playing from, otherwise the poker room may block your account.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department