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Multifunctional program for seamless play on partypoker, annual license



  1. Advantages of PartyCaption
  2. Where Can You Download and Buy PartyCaption?

PartyCaption is an auxiliary program for playing on partypoker and other rooms. You can buy and download PartyCaption in our store.

GT+ players can use the software from our store for free. To get this program, write "Soft" in the GT+ support Telegram chat.

Experienced poker players often lack the capabilities to adjust their poker software. The PartyCaption auxiliary program will allow not only to change the appearance of the tables on partypoker, but also to customize the interface and action buttons at different stages of the hand.

The software is compatible not only with the partypoker client. It can also be downloaded for other poker rooms that are part of the network:

  • partypoker.ES
  • partypoker.FR
  • partypoker.IT
  • partypoker.NJ
  • bwin.ES
  • bwin.BE
  • bwin.FR
  • bwin.IT
  • BorgataPoker

When the PartyCaption program appeared a few years ago, it caused a huge stir in the community. This was due to the fact that it offered a unique option that is not available in the poker room software – displaying stacks in big blinds. But that’s not all that the program can do, and it offers a number of unique options:

  1. Customizable fonts. With just a few clicks, you can not only choose your preferred font (for player nicknames, stacks, bets, and other elements) but also set the size. This makes playing comfortable on any monitor with any resolution.
  2. Large notes. It is impossible to miss previously written notes thanks to the large note size and color scheme.
  3. Betscript. PartyCaption offers flexible settings for any gaming situation, including:
    1. Opening raise for each position, taking into account the number of limpers in hand.
    2. 3-bet size in and out of position depending on the opponent's open-raise size.
    3. 4-bet sizes for in-position and out-of-position play.
    4. Bet size on a specific street depends on the current pot size and the opponent's bet.
  4. Hotkeys. Any action can be assigned to a convenient button: check-fold, check-call, bet-raise, rebuy/add-on, sit out from next BB, sit out from next BB at all tables, etc. 
  5. Bet control. You don't need to drag a slider or click a button to choose the right bet sizing; you can do this with your mouse wheel.
  6. Dialog window processing. Available in both automatic and manual modes, depending on the type of pop-up window that appears.
  7. Automatic rebuy. PartyCaption will automatically top up your stack to a specific number of blinds in cash games. It can also be set to rebuy and add-on in tournaments automatically.
  8. Table element management. You can change the basic table layout: announcements, chat, auto-close table option after busting, display settings for open tables during multi-tabling, removal of headers or borders, etc.
  9. Buttons for each opponent. The program provides four buttons for each opponent: one-click note, opponent search at other tables, etc.
  10. HUD customization. You can choose your own set of stats: pot odds, effective stack in big blinds, tournament statistics, time until blinds increase, etc.
  11. Color framing of the table. It can be adjusted depending on the current blind level or the number of remaining participants in a tournament.
  12. Automatic table setup. You can set up table arrangements in the configurator depending on their number, and the program will automatically change their position when you connect to a new tournament or close a cash table.

You can buy any poker software at the best prices in the GipsyTeam store. Our support specialists can help you install and configure the programs. They are available 7 days a week via Telegram, Skype, and Discord. All consultations are free, so feel free to ask questions!

You can download the program for free using this link. The trial period lasts 30 days. During this time, you will have no cash game and MTT limits restrictions. After the trial period ends, you can continue using PartyCaption for free on cash game limits up to NL10 and multi-table tournaments up to $3.

Detailed instructions for using the software can be found on the developers' official website.

IMPORTANT! To purchase PartyCaption, you need to get a License ID (this can be done by clicking the Copy to clipboard button on the License tab). To see a License ID in the PartyCaption's License tab, you need to log in to the poker client (PartyCaption must be run as admin, and the poker client must be English).

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department