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When you purchase any product in the store, you receive cashback to your GTP account. This is the internal currency of the site, which can be used for future purchases.
The level of cashback depends on the amount of purchases:
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Universal Poker Table Organizer (UPTO)

Comfortable  multi-tabling at online poker, annual license


UPTO helps multi-tablers play comfortably without being distracted by workspace organization.

Features and Advantages:

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Support for all poker rooms and networks.
  • Table arrangement stacked, cascaded, across widthwise, and manual, with the ability to create and save multiple layout templates.
  • Automatic table activation when it's the player's turn, various turn notification options: bringing the table to the foreground or aside, enlarging the table, flashing, sound signal, color frame.
  • Sorting tables by blind levels.
  • Sorting "stacks" of tables by room.
  • PokerStars blind level timer (time until blind levels increase).
  • One-click registration for iPoker (automatic closing of tournament lobby, pop-up windows in the lobby, and the tournament).
  • Automatic SNG registration and support for a set number of tournaments during a session on PokerStars.
  • Hotkeys for table management and player actions.
  • Automatic time bank and exit from sit-out.
  • Displaying various information on the table: timer, blind levels, tournament info, and session statistics, with the ability to customize the location, font color and size, background color, and transparency.
  • Automatic closing of completed tournament tables on PokerStars after a specified time.
  • One-year license for one computer.
  • Free trial period – 30 days.

Download UPTO

Note: To purchase UPTO, a unique Hardware ID code is required. To obtain it, download and run the application.

The program should be run as an Administrator.

It is recommended to set up hotkeys in play money (Play Money) games or at low limits.


How to Yse

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department