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HUD for Hand2Note, specifically designed for Spin & Go players

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The static HUD SpinPro for Hand2Note is developed by active poker players for playing in Spin & Go tournaments. It takes into account important features specific to this discipline, such as:

  • Clear stats' abbreviations.
  • Pre-flop stats are broken down by each position against any other position.
  • Pre-flop stats are divided into 3 groups: general, attack, and defense.
  • Post-flop stats are divided into 2 groups: with initiative and without initiative.
  • Two color schemes.
  • HUD is adapted for different monitor sizes (three font options).

All of this allows for faster stat finding during the game and launching more tables. 3 font options provide the ability to conveniently arrange HUD tables at the tables.

You can try SpinCoin for free for one week; to do this, contact us via Skype or Telegram: gt_shop, or email:

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