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Stud Indicator

Displaying equity, outs, and pot odds in Stud games

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Probability of improvement, pot odds, and hand equity – profitable poker play relies on mathematics. Stud Indicator simplifies the majority of decision-making through clear and visually comprehensible numerical expressions.

Stud Indicator Features:

  • Automatic launch on all open tables.
  • Full legality and compatibility with over 150 poker sites, including PokerStars.
  • Support for cash games, tournaments, and SNGs.
  • All types of stud games – Stud Hi and Hi/Lo, Limit, PL, and NL, as well as RAZZ.
  • Real-time opponent action statistics.
  • Displaying information on the table before entering the game.
  • Automatic player profiling at the table – the application assigns labels such as "aggressive", "tight", "passive", etc., based on their statistical indicators.
  • Display of "dead" and folded cards.
  • Instant display of the opponents' mucked cards at showdown.
  • Convenient hand replayer with statistics and odds.
  • Free trial period – 7 days.

Simple arithmetic – simple solutions!

Note: A unique Product ID code is required to purchase the program. To obtain the code, download and install  Stud Indicator.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department