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HUD for Hand2Note, specifically designed for MTT players


Be_HUD is a static HUD for Hand2Note, designed specifically designed for MTTs.

The configuration was originally created in 2018, around the time Hand2Note was first launched and has been regularly updated and refined ever since. The stats used in the HUD are designed to take an exploitative approach to MTTs, incorporating extensive field research and mechanics of win rates for any player.

Key Features and Advantages Include:

  • Thoughtfully designed with two different HUDs and powerful pop-ups.
  • A Discord server with support and information about recent updates.
  • User-friendly navigation due to switchable HUD tabs.
  • Optimized stat placement that saves time bank by providing quick access to needed information.
  • Compactness. The HUD and pop-ups do not take up valuable space on the table.
  • Support for installation and pop-up configuration.

In 2023, Be_HUD underwent significant revisions and improvements. The new Be_HUD offers two versions of pop-ups:

  • Be_Main. 10,000 stats. Intended for research and database analysis (not recommended for use during play).
  • Be_Light. 5,000 stats. A lighter version for use at the table.

Key Changes and Improvements:

  • Small pop-ups for main actions that are linked to the stats in the HUD.
  • Increased number of squares for all spots.
  • Split pop-up for 3-way spots into three components: IP/MIX/OOP.
  • Pop-up for 50 typical flops to analyze spots Raiser vs BB.
  • Pop-up for 50 typical flops to analyze spots BB vs Raiser.
  • Pop-ups for all possible runouts for the RvBB spot on BB/BBB/BXB/Delay.
  • Pop-up for the CC vs R IP spot.
  • Pop-up for the R+C on every action, broken down by positions.
  • Breakdown of folds to 3-bet for more precise exploits.
  • Pop-up on squeeze plays, broken down by bet sizes, positions, and actions.
  • Added bet-fold and further barreling for each bet size on each street for spots RvBB, RvSB, RvCC.
  • New pop-up layout with showdown and aggression.
  • Pop-ups on Bet vs skip/ X as PFR in the RvCC spot, broken down into all possible bet sizes, bet-folds, bluffs, and other complex stats on all streets.
  • Added complex stats in Probe and vsProbe pop-ups.
  • Pop-ups on 3-bet pots in and out of position as the 3-bettor, with detailed breakdown by all bet sizes, actions, and streets.
  • Updated pop-ups on call 3-bet in and out of position with similar breakdown.

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Overview of Be_HUD

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