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Sixplusholdem PRO

HUD for Hand2Note, specially designed for short deck Holdem


The Sixplusholdem PRO HUD for 6+ Holdem was created by a professional in 6+ Holdem, taking into account the nuances of this discipline.

This package considers various multi-pot scenarios (up to 6 players) for both pre-flop and post-flop, providing insight into your opponents' strategies in all possible scenarios.

Features of the Sixplusholdem PRO package:

  • 6 static HUDs that work on PokerStars.
  • Post-flop stats are divided into Total, HU Flop, and MWP Flop.
  • Pre-flop stats feature various stack sizes and popular sizings for 6-max.
  • The "General" pop-up includes all key variations of CBet and Fold vs CBet.
  • A separate pop-up for 3-max tables.
  • Tendencies for Raise vs Bet in different IP and OOP situations.
  • Over 10 different flop textures.
  • 5 stack sizes for pre-flop stats.
  • A total of over 6,500 stats make Sixplusholdem PRO suitable for Range Research.
  • More than 20 tabs in the main pop-up and over 50 sub-tabs.
  • 5 stack sizes on pre-flop for all stats.
  • Over 150 stats in the HUD 5.0_Extra.

Download the Sixplusholdem PRO archive and instructions.

You can try Sixplusholdem PRO for free for 10 days by contacting us via Telegram or email at

Promo code FIRSTBUY10GT gives a 10% discount on your first subscription purchase on the Hand2Note website.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department