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When you purchase any product in the store, you receive cashback to your GTP account. This is the internal currency of the site, which can be used for future purchases.
The level of cashback depends on the amount of purchases:
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Browser-based GTO strategy database and  hand history analyzer


GTOBase is a web application with a database of GTO strategies, plus a hand history analyzer, which is available directly in browsers on any operating system.

Main Features of the Application:

  • Visualizer of calculated GTO strategies (from pre-flop to river) with various representations and convenient filters.
  • User-driven hand history upload and analysis in relation to GTO solutions.
  • The ability to quickly analyze hands from the clipboard in text format with InstaHand. 200 Instahands are available per day.
  • A table of played hands with the ability to filter and sort.
  • Reports for analyzing user statistics in relation to GTO strategy.

Key Advantages of GTOBase:

  • For hand history analysis, GTOBase's server power is utilized. GTOBase does not use the user's PC resources for hand analysis and does not require a solver license. You simply upload your hands and wait for the analysis to be performed. During this time, you can turn off your computer. Hands are processed at a speed of up to 200 hands per minute. As a result, you can upload tens of thousands of hands at once, and they will be analyzed within a matter of hours.
  • Instant Hand Analysis (InstaHand), which allows you to analyze one hand at a time. This feature is available for free, but the analysis is limited to 5 free hands per day.
  • The application is designed following modern UI/UX guidelines, making it enjoyable to use and intuitively understandable. For user comfort during extended use of the application, a dark theme is employed. Some interface elements can be customized.

Spin & Go Library contains GTO poker solutions for Spin&Go and HU Hyper Turbo SNG disciplines and covers 4-25BB stacks depth and all possible post-flop runouts. The solutions were calculated using cutting edge GTO solving algorithms developed by SimplePoker to achieve high accuracy. Available spots:

  • [HU] SBvsBB;
  • [3-max] BTNvsBB;
  • [3-max] BTNvsSB;
  • [3-max] SBvsBB;
  • [3-max] SBvsBB No Limp.

HU Ante Library was developed specifically for MTT and SNG players who want to improve their heads-up skills. You can view and analyze heads-up strategies with different ante sizes. Ante rounding helps to upload hands with ante 8-15% and has no difference in solutions. The basis ante used for calculations is 12%.

If you want to improve your knowledge in heads-up with ante and give no chance to your opponents at the most important phase of tournaments, you have to try it. The solutions were calculated using cutting edge GTO solving algorithms developed by SimplePoker to achieve high accuracy.

Structure of effective stacks: 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-18-20-25-30-40 BB.

GTOBase supports the hand history format of all major poker rooms and trackers. To verify whether hands in your required format will be processed, try analyzing a hand through InstaHand.

The GIPSYTEAM promo code gives a 5% discount on the first purchase of a subscription via the GTObase website.

Basic instructions For Use

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department