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Advanced solving algorithms for nash-equilibrium in post-flop heads-up games

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GTO+ is an application developed by authors of CardRunners EV and Flopzilla, created with the aim of making game analysis easier, more intuitive, and more accessible than before. GTO+ offers a new linear interface and decision trees with different board options that don’t require any effort to calculate. The program has passed all stages of testing, including an open beta test, and exceeds all expectations of fans of these developers.

Main Advantages and Features of GTO+:

Speed. GTO+ offers one of the fastest GTO-solving algorithms available today. Memory requirements are low, and compression is applied on the fly.

Small savefiles. Where most GTO solvers require several hundred MB to store a single file, GTO+ only requires a few hundred kilobytes due to its ability to quickly recalculate data whenever it's required.

Database/Scripting. GTO+ offers the ability to create entire databases of solved trees, as well as the ability to make comparisons between these trees. Due to the small savefile size per tree, the databases are easily managed.

Tree Builder. GTO+ offers an advanced tree builder with the ability to use multiple bet sizes. A user-friendly tree editor is offered to adapt your trees to your needs.

Analysis Tools. GTO+ offers internal analysis tools, whereas other solvers require you to copy and paste solutions to external software manually.

Graphing System. GTO+ offers a flexible graphing system that will let you plot any property versus any other property at any point in your solution.

Converges to 0%. Where other solvers often don't fully converge, GTO+ will converge all the way down to a Nash distance of 0%.

Card Removal. GTO+ offers the ability to toggle card removal effects ON/OFF with as little as a click on a single button.

Recalc Lines. The solution in turn/river runouts of the board can easily be edited and recalculated without needing to re-solve the entire tree.

The GTO+ license is available for free to anyone who purchased CardRunners EV after December 31, 2014. For those who acquired CREV before December 31, 2014, a $50 upgrade option is available.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 or higher (64-bit recommended)
  • CPU: 4 Cores, 2 GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Video: Not relevant
  • Free Disc: 10 GB

Download GTO+

Download GTO+ for Short Deck Holdem (6+)

When purchasing GTO+, a license for CardRunners EV (basically the previous version of this software) is included in the price.

Note: A unique Hardware ID code is required to purchase GTO+. To get it, download and install the GTO+ app, start it, and go to "register" in its menu.

If you have reinstalled your operating system or changed your computer, you need to click this link and specify the new Hardware ID and email for which the program was purchased.

To activate CardRunners EV if you have purchased a GTO+ license, you need to follow this link and specify the Hardware ID from CardRunners EV and the email with which the GTO+ program was purchased. You will receive an activation key for CardRunners EV via email.

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