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Hand strength detection and display for Omaha and Courchevel, one-year license

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Special offer for GipsyTeam users! 10% discount on all NiceHandOmaha licenses.

NiceHandOmaha helps you make quick and accurate decisions while playing Omaha and Courchevel. It works on PokerStars, 888poker network rooms, iPoker, and Asian apps. To use NiceHandOmaha in 888poker network rooms, you need 888Caption.

The program is useful for both beginners and more experienced players. Based on the starting hand, it calculates the percentage of the range in which the current hand appears. On the post-flop, the program displays equity against a random hand on the current street and river, the number of outs for two pairs and higher, and the number of possible straights considering blockers from the Hero's cards.

  • Supports cash games in Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5-card Omaha, 5-card Omaha Hi-Lo, Courchevel, and Courchevel Hi-Lo. Tournament tables support.
  • Displays four HUDs: pre-flop hand strength; equity against a random hand on the current street and river; the number of outs for two pairs and higher; the number of possible opponent straights considering blockers.
  • Displays additional information in the program window: session duration; the number of hands played during the session; time and hands-played alerts indicators.
  • Sound alerts for a pre-set time and reaching a specific number of hands.

Free usage period without limits on stakes and functionality for GipsyTeam users – 30 days. To get an extended trial (regular trials last only 14 days), download and install NiceHandOmaha, open the Common Settings menu, click "License Request" (key button), fill in all required fields, select the desired limit, and enter the Affiliate code: GIPSY. Send the received file to our email with the subject "NiceHandOmaha Trial".

Download NiceHandOmaha

Note: After purchasing NiceHandOmaha, you will receive an email with instructions on completing the software purchase. Please read the instructions carefully and follow them strictly. If you did not receive the email, check your spam folder; if there is no email there, contact us through Skype or Telegram: gt_shop, or email:

To run the program, Microsoft.NET 4 Framework is required. The PokerStars client must have the English language enabled. To use NiceHandOmaha in the 888 network rooms, the 888Caption is necessary.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department