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Hold'em, Short deck, and Omaha with 4, 5, and 6 cards are supported.
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PLO Mastermind

Learn how top PLO players think, so you can play better and earn more

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  1. Description of
  2. Main Features and Advantages of
    1. PLO Mastermind
    2. 4-Card Trainer
    3. 5-Card PLO
    4. PLO Range Explorer
    5. Mastering Double Board Bomb Pots Course
  3. Additional Information is a training website for four and five-card Omaha players with a huge collection of video tutorials and quizzes from famous players and coaches, including Fernando "JNANDEZ87" Habegger and Alexey "SHULLER_A1T" Altshuller (more about coaches). A team of professional players and coaches have developed a GTO simulator for Omaha: PLO Trainer. It’s available in the browser and as a separate downloadable application for Windows.

Learn how to win in high-stakes cash games and PLO tournaments.

Understand how to cope with variance in PLO and learn the skills to successfully jump up in the limits.

Practice your pre-flop and post-flop PLO ranges to make the right decisions at the instinctual level.

Find out what PLO professionals are thinking about during the game and what exploits they use in modern games.

Quickly eliminate the most expensive mistakes and start feeling confident in most spots.

Join hundreds of similar players and find out their opinion about the hand you played together.

  • Over 1,000 instructional videos and 350 quizzes.
  • New videos every week.
  • Database of downloadable pre-flop charts, post-flop solutions, and other materials.
  • Access to an exclusive discord channel with coaches, subscribers, and PLO Mastermind support staff.
  • Works in internet browsers and does not require downloading (does not give access to PLO Range Explorer).
  • 28 cash and 12 MTT pre-flop simulations.
  • More than 18,000 flop simulations.
  • Over 92,000 turn simulations with every possible river outcome (over a million post-flop scenarios).
  • Includes the 5-Card Trainer for browsers and all available simulations (does not give access to the 4-Card Trainer).
  • Over 60 training videos.
  • New videos every week.
  • Access to an exclusive Discord channel with coaches, subscribers, and PLO Mastermind support staff.
  • Gives access to the downloadable version of the 4-Card Trainer for Windows and to the 4-Card Trainer for browsers.
  • 28 cash and 12 MTT pre-flop simulations.
  • More than 18,000 flop simulations.
  • Over 92,000 turn simulations, plus any possible river (over a million post-flop scenarios).
  • Hand grouping based on strength and charts to visualize the betting structure (Buckets Chart).
  • Training a group of hands (Buckets Training and Equity Buckets Training).
  • Comparison of ranges (Range vs. Range).
  • A matrix showing groups of hands (Bucket Matrix).
  • Equity chart.
  • Equity Bucket Chart.
  • Board overview (list of all possible board options for any selected node of the decision tree).
  • Import and export custom ranges.

System Requirements for PLO Range Explorer:

Operating System:

Minimum Requirement: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.

Recommended: Windows 10, 64-bit.


Minimum Requirement: Intel Core i3 (or AMD equivalent) processor with 4GB of RAM. 

Recommended: Quad-core processor with 8GB of RAM or greater. This includes the Intel i5 processor lines (or their equivalent AMD processors).

Optimal: Intel Core i7 multi-core 64-bit processor with 16GB of RAM or greater.

Not Recommended: Intel Pentium 4, Atom, Core 2 Duo, or other low-power processors such as ARM.

Get an edge in these massive pots! This action-packed format is exploding in popularity both live and online, so this is your chance to get ahead of the curve and become the best Double Board Bomb Pots player at your table.

Course Structure:

  • Nature of DBBP
  • Playing Multiway
  • Playing Random Hands
  • Split Pot Outcomes
  • Board Interactions
  • Hand Strength Profiles
  • Draws in DBBP
  • Bluffing
  • Exploitative Adjustments
  • Betting Strategies
  • Dual Hand Session Review

Includes lifetime access to:

  • Mastering Double Board Bomb Pots Course.
  • Mastering Double Board PLO Bomb Pots E-Book.
  • Access To Discord Member Channels.
  • LAUNCH BONUS: JNandez's 2-Hour DBBP Aria Session Review.
  • LAUNCH BONUS: Submit DBBP Hands For Q&A Session.
  • POST-WSOP 2024: Advanced DBBP Strategy Lessons.
  • POST-WSOP 2024: Live Q&A Session With Georg And JNandez.

What you'll learn:

  • Theory and strategic fundamentals: Understand the mechanics of the game, so you develop skills faster and have an easier time with decision-making at the table.
  • How to roughly calculate EV, and when it doesn't matter: Distinguish when it's +EV to play for one or two boards, and when to start bluffing aggressively to over-realize your equity.
  • How to review hands and go deeper into the game: Learn to compare betting strategies and think outside the box.
  • Post-WSOP 2024: Strategies for Trouble Spots. Get confident in shorthanded, vs shortstacks, and with medium-strength hands.
  • Post-WSOP 2024: MDF and Frequencies-based Approach. How often you flop which type of hands, and what it means for your overall strategy.
  • LAUNCH BONUS: JNandez's High Stakes DBBP Hands from the Aria. How to review hands played against real-life opponents and get key takeaways.

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