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Hand2Note Venom Omaha 5Card

A set of Hand2Note stats and pop-ups for 5 Card PLO players


Venom 5 Card PLO is a set of statistics and pop-ups for Hand2Note, designed specifically for 5 Card PLO.

The most common leaks that can be detected with the Venom 5 Card PLO package during gameplay include:

  • Aggressive gameplay indicators and statistics are separated by streets, which helps to identify weaknesses and imbalances in aggression on each street.
  • Play against the effective stack.
  • Play against squeezes.
  • Vulnerability of check/call – check/raise lines with a high fold to aggression against bets on later streets.
  • Passivity on the turn after betting on the flop in 3-bet pots out of position.
  • Excessively low aggression on the river.
  • Incorrect distribution of RFI by position.
  • Blind versus blind situations.

Venom 5 Card PLO includes:

  • 1 static HUD;
  • over 30 pop-ups;
  • over 7,000 statistical indicators in pop-ups.

Promo code FIRSTBUY10GT gives a 10% discount on your first subscription purchase on the Hand2Note website.

  • For all other methods of payment, please contact our support department